Grasshopper Plugins



Quelea: Agent-based design for grasshopper

Boid Library

Anemone Loops

Nursery: Behavioral models and boid systems

Wallacei: Analyze and Visualize Data Sets generated through Evolutionary Algorithms

Octopus/Octopus.e: Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms

Lunchbox: Machine Learning

Crow: Artificial neural networks

Ant: Machine learning plugin based on scikit-learn (python module)

Bullant:  computational design tools for architects/designers

Monolith: voxel based modeling – control over volumetric material distributions

Firefly: Connection with arduino

Cocoon: Turning iso-surfaces into polygonal meshes

Ivy: Mesh analysis – segmentation – unrolling

Crystallon: Lattice structures

Human UI:  Custom User Interfaces for Grasshopper definitions

Peacock: algorithmic jewelry modeling

Heteroptera: Animation/Maths/Text/Uncertainty/Network